Looking for a new book? #FeedYourMind


Looking for a new book? #FeedYourMind

The focus of cdElement this quarter?  Interior finish solutions for higher education and corporate learning spaces. But it’s also learning in general.

In that spirit, please check out my quick thoughts on two books.  Both books, in different ways, coach the reader on how to realize more of their potential and vibrate at a higher level.

One book is worth buying.  One is not.


Book #1

Daniel Pink’s When is currently #2 on the NY Times Hardcover Nonfiction list.  Don’t buy it.

In 2005, Daniel Pink became mainstream to most of us with his thought provoking, status-quo challenging book, A Whole New Mind. .  It was excellent, fresh and interesting.  Everything since from Pink has been “just interesting”.

‘When” would qualify as interesting, if it had been an essay.  However, Pink simply stretched the ligaments of an essay to its tearing point, and in only a couple hundred pages!  That makes an interesting article or essay a savvy, annoying money grab.

Here is the bottom line on this book:

  • If you are a morning person, do your most demanding, challenging and important work first thing.
  • Take a real lunch away from your desk, then expect a lull for a couple of hours. Just like the 5 Hour Energy commercials taught you!  This is a great time to do less mindful tasks like emails.
  • Creative work, socializing and brainstorming are best for late afternoon. If you are a night owl- flip the script.

That’s it – that is really it.  You just saved $35—you are welcome.


Book #2

I realize I am late to this party, but I finally read 2013’s, “You are a Bad Ass”.  Jen Sincero’s funny, frank, goofy, brave, and practical book was a fixture on multiple best seller lists, and I now understand why.

Usually books with deep, emotionally challenging strains are hard for me to read.  I love reading them, but they are work.  This book was quick and easy to read.  I think that is why I have actually spent so much time doing some of the journaling and work the book suggests the reader try.

  • If you are tired of that negative, fear mongering voice in your head that loves to re-tell you old, negative narratives about who you are—- give this book a rip!
  • If you are not someone who sometimes has a negative, fear mongering voice in your head- you are full of crap!

That’s my gentle way of saying this is a great book for just about anyone looking to be a better and happier version of themselves.


Happy Learning! We will be in touch soon.


Ed C

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