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love the space you’re in

We think Interior Design Elements should help make a space and it’s occupants feel happy and creative. It’s a simple idea, often lost in the details of selecting, selling, and installing interior finishes, glass, and furniture.

Connealy Design Element offers a focused, refined product offering and a sincere sales experience. We will stop at nothing to make all of our customers feel inspired, refreshed, and proud. Because that’s what we all really want.


about Ed

Ed Connealy has been in Contract Interiors since 1998, with expertise in carpet, textiles, glass, and furniture. Ed and his wife, Kate, live in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago with their three daughters.

When he’s not providing Chicago’s A&D Community with beautiful, functional products or spending time with his family, he enjoys writing about and watching baseball and concocting new BBQ sauces and rubs.

Work with Ed. You won’t go hungry.


about Kate

Kate Connealy spent the first part of her career on the design side before transitioning to sales in 2008.  After seven great years with Interface, Kate joined Connealy Design Element.

Kate is a mother of three young girls, and is passionate about design, gardening, podcasts, and event planning. Always a giver, she even taught herself to like baseball for her husband, Ed.


about Kristin

Kristin Peschke has been a part of our industry since 1989.  Prior to joining Connealy Design Element, she was a direct rep for Bernhardt Design for 20 years.

Kristin’s raving fans enjoy her hustle, consultation, and positive attitude. She lives in Riverside with her two daughters, and enjoys volleyball, gardening, travel, good design, music, and combing through estate sales for that rare find.


about Katie

This west coast transplant has worked in product management and design since 2005. Katie has a BA in Art and has extensive experience in commercial furniture and art accessories. Katie’s a fan of the finer things in life – she loves baseball, college football, art, design, cooking and hitting up Chicago’s newest restaurants.

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